Life of a Lightbulb

Life of a Lightbulb: George Washington Bridge

Did you know the George Washington Bridge carries across over 106 million cars per year? That’s pretty cool! Leddy the LED lightbulb here.

Back in 2009, my friends and I decided that the George Washington Bridge needed some new lights, so we replaced the existing necklace lighting with energy-efficient LED necklace lighting. The lighting helps to reduce glare for drivers, but the real benefit is that they require less maintenance, which leads to less opportunity for maintenance workers to experience a safety-related accident. This also leads to less traffic jams due to lane closures for maintenance. Nearly 200 of my friends were installed, which will lead to the elimination of almost 90 tons of greenhouse gases from our environment.

My friends and I encourage you to learn more about NYPA’s many Energy Efficiency projects. You might also want to look into replacing your bulbs with our family of LED bulbs – we come in all shapes and sizes and we always have bright ideas!