Summer Intern Series: Satish Ravi & Jacob Brennan

New York Power Authority’s (NYPA) intern program provides top college students with the opportunity to gain broad experience working for the nation’s largest public power organization.

IMG_1509Satish Ravi is pursuing his degree in Energy Systems at Northeastern University. He works in our Energy Resource Management department in our White Plains office. 

I am majoring in Energy Systems with a minor in Electrical Engineering. My industrial experience is in power generation and I picked this course to strengthen my skills in energy business analytics.

I am very passionate about getting accustomed with the energy market structures and I believe that by the end of this internship, I will achieve my goals. I am presently involved with the technical and strategic analysis related to Regional Green Gas House Initiative (RGGI) and shadowing Capacity market auctions.

The real time market depends on a lot of factors and to create an economical viable plan is really important. To do so, we need to coordinate with interrelated departments to devise our strategy, which may deviate from the real time markets but we should be ready to adapt to the challenges.

I am most excited to actually be a part of the Commercial Energy Operations department and wish to sharpen my business analytics skills and financial energy modelling.

My best friend would describe me as a ‘Hardworking and flexible person’.

Jacob Brennan Intern Profile Series PictureJacob Brennan is pursuing his degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Delaware. He works in the Energy Services and Implementation department in our White Plains office. 

I chose Chemical Engineering as my major because chemistry is fascinating and the engineering applications of it interest me. I am currently working in the Energy Services and Implementation department, which I hope will allow me to learn more about the energy industry and potentially support in my future career as a chemical engineer.

I hope that I will be able to work on projects that allow me to better understand the energy efficiency industry and how it works and is connected. I would like to be able to expand and develop my technical skills my personal skills in working with other employees and my professional communication skills, which I have had only limited experience with up to this point.

I hope that I will be able to contribute to my department by assisting my fellow employees with their projects to execute projects on time, to provide constructive feedback on internal process and to apply my education to “real world “situations.

My best friend would describe me as a passionate and sometimes loud individual that is eager to learn, and equally eager to apply that knowledge to produce real benefits for the world.

Intern Experience, Summer Intern Series

Summer Intern Series: Samantha Tom & Stephen Schlett

New York Power Authority’s (NYPA) intern program provides top college students with the opportunity to gain broad experience working for the nation’s largest public power organization.

samanthatomSamantha Tom is pursuing her Masters of Industrial/Organizational Psychology at the University of New Haven. She interns with our Talent Development group in the White Plains office. 

I chose to pursue my masters because I studied I/O psychology in undergrad and wanted to continue my education. I’m most passionate about learning how to implement what I’ve learned in school to the workplace (putting theory to practice).

I’m involved in a series of projects in which I use critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration to innovate new ways to make NYPA a better place to work. Every time you come up with a new idea, you have to consider the mentalities of individuals from different generations, departments, and sites. There is no right answer that is one size fits all and figuring out a way to make it applicable across NYPA is part of the challenge but also part of the fun.

I’m hoping to sharpen my analytic skills. I’m very inquisitive and full of ideas that I’m not afraid to pitch. I see both of these as strengths, especially with the projects I’m working on. My friends would say I’m driven, organized, talkative, and friendly.

Stephen Schlett is pursuing his degree in Business Management at the Ohio State University. He works in our Energy Services department in the White Plains office. 

I chose my major of Business Management with a minor in resort tourism and hospitality because I have always been interested in the ability of business owners and managers to analyze many aspects at once for the benefit of the customer and procurement of the business is commendable and inspiring to myself.

While having a few weeks to accommodate myself into NYPA’s learning environment, I have become most passionate about colliding together as a team to accomplish a common goal and obtain knowledge off of my experienced co-workers. I am hoping to take part in projects which will gain my knowledge of the fundamentals of Project Management with emphasis on scope, schedule, cost, quality and risk.

I am eager to sharpen my skills on communication and connection in the business world. I will create value here at the Authority by contributing a foreign yet scholarly mindset on all projects. A fresh pair of eyes is essential to the creation of programs with the intentions to teach others in what the New York Power Authority does and how it is done. I am able to apply my knowledge in studies of modern applications such as Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word, to my developmental team.

Many of my best friends have previously described me as courageous, hardworking, diligent and organized.

Summer Intern Series

Summer Intern Series: Caitlin Sanchez & Sam Gladstone

New York Power Authority’s (NYPA) intern program provides top college students with the opportunity to gain broad experience working for the nation’s largest public power organization.

Caitlin Sanchez is a student pursuing her degree in Operations and Information Management at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She works in our Human Resources Department in our White Plains office. 

SanchezI am interested in learning the logistics involved in handling a business and its employees. Therefore, I plan to declare Operations and Info Management as my major this coming fall.

At NYPA, I have the privilege of learning how to manage the internal controls of NYPA and its employees. I am most passionate about gaining experience in the corporate world working for the nation’s largest public power organization. I am looking forward to taking part in various projects that will expand my knowledge of the systematization of the power industry and its use of energy efficiency.

While here, I hope to learn what the business world is like outside of the classroom. I know that the opportunity I have been given to see how all departments of this organization plays an integral role in working towards a common goal will be a truly rewarding experience.

Because NYPA is such a large organization, an unexpected challenge that I have encountered in my field is the immense amount of individuals that the Human Resources department is accountable for. Coordinating activities for such an extensive community can be quite difficult at times, but with the help of the supportive and cooperative HR team these tasks become manageable.

As a full time student, I am accustomed to doing my work in a self-efficient way. However, as a developmental intern in NYPA’s HR department, I am a part of several teams here. Given this opportunity, I hope to strengthen my skills as a team member who is working for a shared objective.

I will create value while interning at NYPA by working to the best of my abilities to grasp and master all that NYPA has to offer, especially its reputable and constructive work ethic.

My best friend would describe me as dedicated and diligent. I am always up for a challenge and I do not give up easily.

Sam Gladstone is a graduate student pursuing his degree in Sustainability Management at Columbia University. He works in our Customer Energy Solutions group, specifically on K-Solar, in our White Plains office. 

SamGladstoneI picked Sustainability Management because while I studied Environmental Science during my undergraduate time, I wanted to further connect how the public and private sector and implement sustainable practices and specifically clean and renewable energy policies and investments into their operations.

I am most passionate about learning how public/private partnerships operate to achieve goals in the energy sector. At NYPA, I am hoping to get involved in further understanding how distributed solar projects get developed from start to finish.

One of the skills I’m hoping to sharpen is to be able to speak the language of renewable energy project development. There is a lot of terminology that goes along with developing project, and being able to fluently speak the language will go a long way when translating to customers, or negotiating with developers.

I hope to bring the knowledge I have learned this past year in graduate school to my work here at NYPA. I know that this will be a great place to combine my classroom experiences with real world applications.

Intern Experience, Summer Intern Series

Summer Intern Series: Chris Paolillo

New York Power Authority’s (NYPA) intern program provides top college students with the opportunity to gain broad experience working for the nation’s largest public power organization.

Chris Paolillo is a senior at Stony Brook University, pursuing his degree in Mechanical Engineering. He works in Customer Energy Solutions at the White Plains Office.

I am working on BuildSmart NY – an initiative to answer Governor Cuomo’s executive order requiring New York’s State agencies to improve their energy efficiency by 20% by the year 2020. Under the executive order, the least efficient state buildings are required to conduct an energy audit which will present the agency with the current energy profiles of their facilities as well as several energy conservation measures they can make to improve their efficiency. My first task as a developmental intern was to review these audits and summarize their findings so that the information is readily available to the BuildSmart team.

Additionally, I’ve been assisting the team in creating a set of standards required in these audits, as well as a set of standard procedures for tracking the future progress of BuildSmart NY.

As an intern, I’ve learned that school has only given me an engineer’s tools. In order to become an engineer, I have to learn how to use them. My plan is to someday work as an engineer in the power generation industry. I want to play a role in the future sustainability of our country. NYPA’s mission completely encompasses those goals making it the perfect place to begin achieving them.

I am an Eagle Scout and I enjoy traveling, SCUBA diving, and spending time outdoors.

Intern Experience, Summer Intern Series

Summer Intern Series: Victoria Nadile

New York Power Authority’s (NYPA) intern program provides top college students with the opportunity to gain broad experience working for the nation’s largest public power organization.

Victoria Nadile graduated in May 2015 from Cornell University with a degree in Science and Technology Studies. She interns in Customer Energy Solutions at the White Plains Office.

I have been tasked with synthesizing data on NYPA projects—mainly focusing on those initiated in the last 5 years—in order to generate reports that will be used internally. The purpose of these reports is to help identify relationships as well as highlight trends among metrics such as the duration of various project phases, project cost, and customer groups over time. I have also been working on standardizing spread sheets that each team in CES uses to track their secondary metrics for the current year.

Before coming to NYPA, I had thought an energy company functioned accordingly: harvest energy and subsequently sell it. Just after only three weeks of working here, though, I have learned there is so much more to that equation. A couple of examples are the marketing teams that exist to ensure that the suite of services NYPA provides are available to customers and the development teams that are constantly working to expand those options by crafting not only new and intelligent energy technologies but also strategies to be more energy efficient. I look forward to continuing my work with data on NYPA project detail in order to get a better sense of our biggest customers, what programs NYPA is investing most of its energies towards, and how this data can help us improve our internal operations.

I spent a semester on the rustic island of Hawai‛i participating in a program through which I earned a minor in Earth Sciences. I love musical theatre (one of my favorite pastimes is singing show tunes) and hiking all around the country. I’m also scuba certified and enjoy diving in tropical locales.

Intern Experience, Summer Intern Series

Summer Intern Series: David Wang

New York Power Authority’s (NYPA) intern program provides top college students with the opportunity to gain broad experience working for the nation’s largest public power organization.

David Wang is a graduate student at Hofstra University pursuing his Masters in Information Technology. He works in the Economic Development and Energy Efficiency Department at the White Plains Office.

Over the summer, I’ve been working with the Customer Load Forecasting, Scheduling and Settlement, and Pricing and Marketing Analysis teams.

In my first month at NYPA, I read a lot about the way NYISO (New York Independent System Operator) works. Knowing the “big picture” helps me to better understand my work. In addition to learning the background information, I have worked on two projects: Government Saving, which is completed, and PRC Munis Energy Allotment, which is still in progress.

Government Saving is a project comparing how much NYPA charges our customers with how much ConEdison would charge them. PRC Munis Energy Allotment is a procedure our customers need to follow to receive their monthly and daily allotments. My jobs are to revise the procedure and visualize the data to help the analysts check if our customers have violated this procedure.

Thanks to my supervisor Christine Schmitt, the managers Egle Travis, Gian Deluca, and Michael Quinn, and all the teams’ members, my work skills have improved and my interest in the energy industry has grown significantly.

Outside of school, I’m a sports fan. I play soccer, tennis, and basketball, and I love skiing and swimming. I also like to draw when I have spare time.

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Daylight Hour at NYPA

By Jill Anderson, SVP of Public Affairs & Business Development

As a public benefit corporation and a leader in clean energy generation, NYPA is always looking to reduce electricity use, particularly during the peak demand summer season, and improve the overall efficiency of its operations. The Daylight Hour initiative provides an excellent opportunity to promote energy efficiency in the workplace and to start a meaningful dialogue with employees about energy consumption and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

We often overlook the seemingly minuscule amount of energy it takes to power our lights, coffee machines, computers, phones, and other office loads. Daylight Hour and similar energy efficiency campaigns highlight simple ways of reducing our energy footprint in the workplace. Last year, NYPA leveraged the momentum achieved from Daylight Hour to launch our own annual campaign called “Efficiency Fridays.” With this initiative, we are successfully promoting energy efficient practices throughout the summer.

Like other workplace sustainability and energy efficiency initiatives, Daylight Hour depends on employee engagement. We use clear, concise language to convey the idea that participation is easy and will not disrupt work. Our message is simple: Turn off lights in day-lit areas to save energy.

Daylight Hour is promoted through several different communication channels. We place posters near elevators, add postings to our intranet, send out a text message reminder to employees 15 minutes prior to the event, and make an announcement over the loud speakers as we approach the start of the hour. In addition, our social media team creates a buzz on Twitter and Instagram to help relay the Daylight Hour message to thousands of NYPA’s followers. The unsung heroes of our successful participation are the members of NYPA’s Green Team, who rally their colleagues to turn off their lights.

NYPA’s Sustainability Office carefully monitors the energy usage in our 17-story White Plains administrative office building through the Power Authority’s NY Energy Manager, a statewide, real-time energy management system. To inspire friendly competition, we track the electricity reduced by each floor and post the results on the intranet. In addition to floor-by-floor energy comparisons, we track whole building energy performance and, more specifically, the reduction in the building’s total lighting load. The results have been astonishing (even our energy experts think so)! As illustrated by the graph below, we successfully reduced our building’s total lighting load by 33% or 25 kWh. That savings only represents an hour. These numbers are encouraging us to consider how much we could save if we incorporated daylighting into our regular routine.

The total lighting load of NYPA’s White Plains Office, as measured by NY Energy Manager.

The total lighting load of NYPA’s White Plains Office, as measured by NY Energy Manager.

Through Daylight Hour, we have learned valuable lessons about what it takes to engage our employees and successfully communicate the importance of sustainable workplace practices. NYPA employees are willing to get involved in workplace initiatives, but it takes consistent effort to keep them focused on what needs to be achieved. Throughout this effort, we have been inspired to explore a range of strategies and to become bolder and more creative in our approach and our message.

Life of a Lightbulb

Life of a Lightbulb: New York Hall of Science

I’m Leddy, the LED lightbulb. My friends and I like to help people by saving them money and making the environment “greener”. Did you know that we use 75% less energy than regular lightbulbs? Pretty neat, right? A bunch of my friends decided to help the New York Hall of Science to become more energy-efficient. They have over 450 exhibits and activities that explain science, technology, engineering and math. With new, energy-efficient LED bulbs like me installed, they’ll be able to better preserve the displays & exhibits, since the bulbs do not give off harmful UV rays. Over 2,000 of my LED lightbulb friends decided to move in to the Hall of Science so that we can also help the environment by eliminating over 200 tons of harmful greenhouse gases per year.

Intern Experience, Summer Intern Series

Summer Intern Series: Kylee Hansan

New York Power Authority’s (NYPA) intern program provides top college students with the opportunity to gain broad experience working for the nation’s largest public power organization.

Kylee Hansan is a junior at Pennsylvania State University pursuing her degree in Energy Engineering with a minor in Energy Business & Finance. She works in Customer Energy Solutions at the White Plains Office.

As an intern in the Advanced Infrastructure group, one of the projects I am working on is the Electric Transportation program. For this project, I have been comparing charging station data between NYPA’s database and the PlugShare website.

I am also working on NYPA’s K-Solar Program. K-Solar is a joint program between NYPA and NYSERDA that makes it easier and more affordable for schools to utilize solar power. K-Solar is extremely exciting because it is the largest multi-agency solar program in the country and the first of its kind. I have been organizing the data that we received from schools in order to make it easier for our solar developers to use. I have also been updating the information on the K-Solar website.

When I first came to NYPA my goal was to leave with a general understanding of the solar industry. After being here for just three weeks, I have already accomplished this goal. Over the last few weeks I have learned not only about the industry in general, but also about the importance of grid interconnection and communication. I look forward to learning even more about solar energy over the course of my internship.

In my free time, I like to play volleyball and golf.

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New York Energy Manager: Better Data, Greener Choices

The New York Power Authority recently launched the state’s first energy management network operations center – the New York Energy Manager (NYEM). Housed in Albany in partnership with the Colleges of Nanoscale Science and Engineering, NYEM, is a comprehensive network and decision tool that utilizes Big Data analytics to monitor and troubleshoot buildings to reduce energy waste. NYPA is deploying and managing this state-wide energy-monitoring hub to provide access to secure, comprehensive energy management reporting for more than 3,000 public buildings, with the potential to serve many more facilities.

With state public facilities getting real-time data on their energy use, they can improve building energy performance and lower the State’s utility bills. Basically, it will be like performing a MRI on a facility and getting an incredibly detailed report about how it consumes energy.

By knowing more, we can do more. We will utilize analytics and engineering expertise provided by this new energy management operations network, enabling NYPA to:

  • Continuously improve energy management and operations of state facilities
  • Drive down government operating expenses and save taxpayers money
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Create jobs in the emerging green economy

To get more granular, by integrating energy data from facility sub-meters and local utilities, building engineers will rapidly diagnose equipment problems and take appropriate actions to reduce energy consumption in a timely manner.

With Big Data analytics provided by NYEM, government building operators will be better informed when making real-time energy management decisions and planning for future changes in energy use. Peering into the future, we expect that the NYEM technology will eventually be utilized by the private sector in its energy planning activities.

NYEM provides an important vehicle for implementing one of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s main energy objectives, Build Smart NY, to reduce energy consumption by 20 percent in State government facilities by 2020. Still another great byproduct of NY Energy Manager is that it creates an important set of tools for supporting a fundamental shift in the utility business. Governor Cuomo’s Reforming Energy Vision or REV is about changing utility regulations to enable renewable energy and building energy efficiency to be economically favorable for utilities and customers.

Under REV, reduced energy demand and consumption in buildings will be a valuable commodity to be bought and sold, and NY Energy Manager will provide the precise insight building operators need to take advantage of these opportunities.

The electric power industry is undergoing a sea-change, largely driven by unprecedented advances in technology. As we seek to take full advantage of extraordinary opportunities, access to better data is more important than ever. By acquiring a more accurate view of our State’s energy use, we will become far more adept at asking good questions that will yield even greener answers.