Summer Intern Series: Francisco Martinez

New York Power Authority’s (NYPA) intern program provides top college students with the opportunity to gain broad experience working for the nation’s largest public power organization.

Francisco Martinez is a second-year graduate student at the City College of New York. He is pursuing his Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, specializing in Telecommunications, and also has a Master’s in Power Systems from Mexico. He works in the Protection and Control Department at the White Plains Office.

During the past few weeks, I have been performing a detailed review and update of the NYPA Aspen Relay Database, protecting relay settings for some of the NYPA facilities such as Marcy and the 500-MW Combined-Cycle Power Plant. I have also been reviewing some relay schematics for the Flynn Power Plant to prepare upcoming equipment updates.

The internship has taught me much about power system protection and its different protective schemes. I have also learned about different relay software and hardware such as SIEMENS (Breaker failure protection), General Electric (Bus and Line protection), Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (Bus and Line protection), and Real Time Automation Controller (RTAC).

My most valuable experience at NYPA has been working with a great team in the Protection and Control department. My mentor has guided me on how to use some relay software and interpret relay schematics, and he has even included me in training sessions for relay protection devices. I also had the opportunity to visit the Flynn Power Plant for relay training.

One of my career goals is to learn more about relay protective devices in power system protections. I also want to combine my educational background in telecommunications and power systems with my experience at NYPA to work in smart grids and renewable energies projects.

During my free time, I like running and playing soccer, and I play drums and guitar. I also play the Marimbol, an Afro-Caribbean instrument, for a Mexican folk music band called Radio Jarocho. I like to do small projects with Arduino microcontrollers as well.

Summer Intern Series

Summer Intern Series: James Simko

photoThe New York Power Authority’s (NYPA) intern program provides top college students with the opportunity to gain broad experience working for the nation’s largest public power organization.

James Simko is a student at the City College of New York, pursuing his degree in Electrical Engineering. He works in the Maintenance Department at the Poletti Power Project 500MW plant in Astoria, NY.

My workload at NYPA has been an interesting mix of multiple projects in various stages of planning and execution. I spent a good portion of my time after the safety meetings reading manuals on plant operations, steam turbine operations, and how a Heat Recovery Steam Generator works, as well as the operation of a GE MK VI controller. I have been fortunate enough to be included in two greenfield projects, as well as several projects that are mid-process. One involves setting up a weather station at the plant to ensure that our plant efficiency readings based on ambient temperature are accurate.

I have also been tasked with designing a permanent solution for oil detection and sump drainage logging of our Fuel Forwarding Skid that will eventually be implemented with our other skid drain sumps. Additionally, I was able to inspect the existing cable tray in the 500MW plant to ensure it complies with NEC standards and work with an outside consulting firm to confirm the repairs that have been made. Finally, I’ve been brought on to an environmental project to help track down the exact flow of our storm water through our drain system to help develop a spill response plan.

I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with experienced engineers such as my supervisor, John Mustaro, and mentor, Adil Shaikh, who have given me a level of autonomy and trust on these projects while also keeping an open door policy and making sure that if I find myself in need of any resource or reference, they show me exactly how to find it.