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Welcome to the #NewNiagara

This June, the Niagara Power Vista will reopen after an intensive, all-encompassing renovation designed to create an exciting attraction for Niagara Falls residents and tourists from around the globe, and effectively establishing what we’re calling the #NewNiagara. The visitor experience will be entirely new and improved and will include interactive, multimedia exhibits covering the natural, technological, and political history of the Niagara Gorge. Browse through the list below for specific details on each new exhibit and the technology used to create the all new Niagara Power Vista. We hope to see you there!

“This has been a complex, detailed process but we now see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are very much looking forward to presenting our newly renovated Niagara Power Vista to the public.”  -Joseph Leary, VP Community & Government Relations

“The new interactive exhibits are absolutely fantastic and really engaging for all ages. With the last few touches nearing completion, we are certain that this will be a summer to remember for a long time at the Niagara Power Vista.” -Teresa Martinez, Manager, Community Affairs, Niagara

The Exhibits

Remember These Points

Power Player Card. All visitors will be able to get a Power Player Card. Tour groups that are on a time-sensitive visit can access challenges through one of NYPA’s tour guides – each will have a master card.

Sensational Science Exhibits. These STEAM-based (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) Sensational Science interactive exhibits are tailored to three difference audiences – Grade 4, Grade 8 & adults.

Interactive Exhibits. Scores from these exhibits can be accessed at home.

Photo Op Areas. Cameras next to the exhibits offer photo ops.

Reception Area

NYPA Facilities. Touch the screen to learn about all of NYPA’s facilities, their functions & locations throughout New York.

Community Board. A large digital calendar of events shows Power Vista events as well as events throughout the local Niagara area. Swipe the Power Player Card to save event details, event flyers, and directions.

Glass Walkway

Explore the Gorge! Gorge and rapids murals surround this video and touch-screen map exhibit showing the Niagara Gorge trails from the Niagara Falls State Parks to Artpark in Lewiston, with video footage of the trails. Click on each trail to see the difficulty ratings.

Explore Solar. A rail-mounted touch screen located to view the solar panels on top of the Power Vista reception building roof.

Power Plant Exploration. A rail-mounted and overhead monitor with animated video and touch screen will provide an overview of the “anatomy” of the Robert Moses Power Project dam and power plant.

Water Wall. Feel the power of the falls. Hear the rushing roar and spectacular sight of Niagara Falls. A wall of monitors spanning nearly 24 feet will help visitors understand why the Robert Moses Power Plant was built in this location.

Lower Level

Escalator Mural Wall. Descending into the lower level, visitors pass a full wall photo wall showing the rock layers found in the gorge.

Erosion in Motion. With the help of two 32-inch touchscreen monitors, this display asks visitors to correctly stack layers of geologic strata to create conditions that result in a waterfall – and conditions perfect for generating power.

History Wall. The goal of this area is to help visitors understand the long and arduous effort to harness the power of the Niagara River, including:

Tesla vs. Edison. This exhibit features still digital portraits of Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison on 48-inch vertical monitors. The portraits come alive as visitors approach and debate the benefits of AC vs. DC power.

Feature Film. This surround sound signature film, 10-12 minutes long, plays on a 30-foot by 8-foot screen in theater.  The film features a 14-year-old girl talking about energy now as well as what the future holds when she grows up.

Build-a-Dam. Two identical touchscreen stations allow visitors to choose the optimal site to build their dam and then finesse the basic internal structure of the drop and penstocks.

Upper Level

Transmission Towers and Cables. The transmission story continues at the top of the escalators where visitors will encounter large transmission towers reaching 18 feet. Graphics on the towers will tell the story of the transmission process.

Power Pool. This interactive touchscreen exhibit allows visitors to balance controlling the demand for power across the state while dealing with frigid blizzard or an intense heat wave.

NYPA Charging Station. An electric car charging station will be adjacent to the POWERhouse. The charging station will include a video highlighting the Governor’s Charge NY initiative.

Generator Bikes. This popular exhibit has been improved to include an adult-sized as well as a child-sized bicycle. The faster you pedal, the more you generate!

Transmission Table (Interactive). Visitors can build their own power network by clicking in-place coded model parts on a large state-of-the-art 4.5-foot by 12-foot touch table made of six screens.

Power Up! Simulator (Interactive/Ride). Visitors are in for an exciting ride as they plummet from the sky and into the Niagara River, shoot through the penstocks and slosh around a spinning turbine, and then zip at high speeds along high-tension power lines across the diverse landscapes of New York State

Electric Lab (Interactive). From turning on a light bulb to watching television, people interact with electricity on a day-to-day basis. However, electricity takes more than just the flip of a switch. The Electric Lab seeks to address STEAM-related subjects, drive curiosity and exploration and answering common electricity questions.

Social Media Wall/Exit Station. Visitors end their exciting experience at the Niagara Power Vista at the Exit Station. Here they will see a mix of images from the exhibits. Visitors will be able to view their photos on the wall, provide a recap of their experience and take a short survey.