Intern Experience, Summer Intern Series

Summer Intern Series: Pratyush Kulwal & Colin Sickles

New York Power Authority’s (NYPA) intern program provides top college students with the opportunity to gain broad experience working for the nation’s largest public power organization.

Pratyush Kulwal is a graduate student studying Information Management at Syracuse University. He works in the IT PMO group in our White Plains office. 

I chose Information Management major as I believe that specialization in this field would help me to not only keep pace with the changing technology, but also act as bridge between humans and computers. The enormous information that is generated these days is of little use to human society if it cannot be processed through an efficient information system. Therefore, my aim is to design and improvise systems that bridge every possible gap between human needs and technological challenges that act as barriers to addressing those needs.

I work in the IT PMO group, where I am learning to interact with different business departments of NYPA in order to develop efficient IT systems.  I believe I would be able to leverage on my technical skills and my communication skills to create value in the organization.

My best friend would describe me as open-minded, logical, humorous, and friendly.  They would say that I like to have fun, but I am very efficient when the time comes to get work done accurately and reliably.

IMG_7525Colin Sickles is pursuing his degree in Operations (MIS) at Oswego State University. He works in the Procurement department in our White Plains office. 

My major is Operations (MIS). I choose this major as all aspects of business need the support of a portfolio of applications to assist business processes and having the knowledge to implement and configure these applications is a great first step in establishing a new employee in a company.

I am most passionate in learning about business processes and how computer applications assist in accomplishing business objectives. I hope to assist with the implementation of a new interactive customer procurement application that will greatly facilitate the contractual process.  This cloud based application has leading edge e-commerce and supplier management capabilities.

I have found that writing computer language code to be challenging, as it is unforgiving to the smallest syntax errors.  Fortunately, there are many niches in the field where this is less important as systems analysts bridge the gap between the coders and the business by defining and documenting business requirements.

I hope to sharpen my system analyst skills which includes: knowledge of hardware, software and programming, a creative approach to problem-solving, the ability to gather and interpret information, communication and presentation skills, as well as the ability to explain technical ideas clearly.

I will create value at NYPA within my internship to make sure my learning experience fits in with the organization’s overall operational objectives and well as the objectives of the department I am in and those of my manager. My personal goal is to learn how new and established applications aid the existing business processes and assist with the implementations and configuration.

My best friend would describe me as an outgoing and optimistic person. As well as, a person who is always there for them and willing to go the extra mile.  


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