Summer Intern Series

Summer Intern Series: Caitlin Sanchez & Sam Gladstone

New York Power Authority’s (NYPA) intern program provides top college students with the opportunity to gain broad experience working for the nation’s largest public power organization.

Caitlin Sanchez is a student pursuing her degree in Operations and Information Management at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She works in our Human Resources Department in our White Plains office. 

SanchezI am interested in learning the logistics involved in handling a business and its employees. Therefore, I plan to declare Operations and Info Management as my major this coming fall.

At NYPA, I have the privilege of learning how to manage the internal controls of NYPA and its employees. I am most passionate about gaining experience in the corporate world working for the nation’s largest public power organization. I am looking forward to taking part in various projects that will expand my knowledge of the systematization of the power industry and its use of energy efficiency.

While here, I hope to learn what the business world is like outside of the classroom. I know that the opportunity I have been given to see how all departments of this organization plays an integral role in working towards a common goal will be a truly rewarding experience.

Because NYPA is such a large organization, an unexpected challenge that I have encountered in my field is the immense amount of individuals that the Human Resources department is accountable for. Coordinating activities for such an extensive community can be quite difficult at times, but with the help of the supportive and cooperative HR team these tasks become manageable.

As a full time student, I am accustomed to doing my work in a self-efficient way. However, as a developmental intern in NYPA’s HR department, I am a part of several teams here. Given this opportunity, I hope to strengthen my skills as a team member who is working for a shared objective.

I will create value while interning at NYPA by working to the best of my abilities to grasp and master all that NYPA has to offer, especially its reputable and constructive work ethic.

My best friend would describe me as dedicated and diligent. I am always up for a challenge and I do not give up easily.

Sam Gladstone is a graduate student pursuing his degree in Sustainability Management at Columbia University. He works in our Customer Energy Solutions group, specifically on K-Solar, in our White Plains office. 

SamGladstoneI picked Sustainability Management because while I studied Environmental Science during my undergraduate time, I wanted to further connect how the public and private sector and implement sustainable practices and specifically clean and renewable energy policies and investments into their operations.

I am most passionate about learning how public/private partnerships operate to achieve goals in the energy sector. At NYPA, I am hoping to get involved in further understanding how distributed solar projects get developed from start to finish.

One of the skills I’m hoping to sharpen is to be able to speak the language of renewable energy project development. There is a lot of terminology that goes along with developing project, and being able to fluently speak the language will go a long way when translating to customers, or negotiating with developers.

I hope to bring the knowledge I have learned this past year in graduate school to my work here at NYPA. I know that this will be a great place to combine my classroom experiences with real world applications.


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