Life of a Lightbulb

Life of a Lightbulb: New York Hall of Science

I’m Leddy, the LED lightbulb. My friends and I like to help people by saving them money and making the environment “greener”. Did you know that we use 75% less energy than regular lightbulbs? Pretty neat, right? A bunch of my friends decided to help the New York Hall of Science to become more energy-efficient. They have over 450 exhibits and activities that explain science, technology, engineering and math. With new, energy-efficient LED bulbs like me installed, they’ll be able to better preserve the displays & exhibits, since the bulbs do not give off harmful UV rays. Over 2,000 of my LED lightbulb friends decided to move in to the Hall of Science so that we can also help the environment by eliminating over 200 tons of harmful greenhouse gases per year.


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