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BuildSmart NY is Governor Andrew Cuomo’s plan for pursuing energy efficiency in government buildings across New York State, which will result in approximately $100 million in annual state budget savings and cut millions of tons in greenhouse gases. NYPA is working hard to help State agencies meet a goal of 20% improvement in energy efficiency by April 2020.

No plan is complete without the people who help build it, so we wanted to introduce you to NYPA’s BuildSmart NY team.

NYPA's BuildSmart NY Team

Lloyd Kass, Director, BuildSmart NY @Lloyd_Kass
Jake Berlin, Project Specialist, BuildSmart NY @jakoberlin
Kaela Mainsah, Analyst, BuildSmart NY @KaelaMainsah
Gabe Cowles, Project Manager, BuildSmart NY @uvmgabe

We would encourage you to follow them on Twitter as they highlight BuildSmart NY progress or share interesting facts about the initiative, such as:

  • Buildings consume approximately 60% of the total energy used within New York State and emit approximately 50% of the greenhouse gases released in the State.
  • State owned buildings consume approximately 3,000 GWh annually, which is approximately 5% of the energy consumed by all buildings throughout the state.
  • New York State owns approximately 224 million square feet of real estate, which includes universities, prisons, mental health hospitals, office buildings, and facilities that house its trains, buses and equipment.

To learn more about BuildSmart NY and to check out projects that are happening in your area, click here.