Summer Intern Series

Summer Intern Series: Alex Ludewig

Alex Ludewig

Alex Ludewig

The New York Power Authority’s (NYPA) intern program provides high-performing students with the opportunity to gain broad experience working for the nation’s largest state public power organization. This summer, 19 undergraduate and graduate students participated in the intern program. Every Friday, we will feature one summer intern and provide a weekly snapshot of their internship experience.

Alex Ludewig, a senior at Penn State, is majoring in Electrical Engineering. At NYPA, Alex worked work the Operations Support Services work group located in White Plains, NY.

My internship at New York Power Authority was incredibly beneficial. I learned skills and techniques that I would have never learned in a classroom. NYPA provided me with a solid foundation and a level of confidence that I will be able to carry with me throughout my career.

This summer I was involved in Transmission Life Extension and Modernization, a project that spans across all of New York State. I also worked on a project that required the re-tensioning of transmission lines. The lines were found to be at risk of flashovers (POWER FACT: a ‘flashover’ is where electricity will jump over a small distance to reach earth. In order to prevent this happening, there are minimum safety clearances between overhead lines and the ground, roads or objects on which a person can stand.) and it was my responsibility to organize and procure the means to repair these lines – project management 101!

In my time at NYPA, I met countless bright, friendly and passionate professionals. I was able to apply all that I have learned about electrical engineering at school to NYPA operations, providing me with a better understanding of how to focus my education in order to apply it to real world objectives. I am grateful to have been a part of this organization and the experience it has provided me.